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hmmm [Jan. 1st, 2009|11:18 pm]
Those who believe a certain belief as the only real truth see everything else in life through the spectacles of that "truth."

Those who believe that truth is more open-ended than that, wider and deeper than any specific belief can describe, see everything as a possible addition to the belief system, and a source of knowledge, growth, and happiness.

But ultimately, believing the world is one way, the former or the latter, is a specific belief. I feel the former is being attacked more and more in this postmodern day and age. Both sides will say the other "has it wrong," and I don't believe you can argue which is "right" based on tactile proof in this existence, neither do I think that "feelings" lead the way (as, in different eras, it has led people to zealously side with different sides).

"close-minded" is such an easy word to throw around. To call someone that... it's already closing the speaker's mind. I'm a fool half the time, so I just know that I know very little.

Future self, I write this simply because slight frustrations at hitting a wall in conversations with a person of a different belief. I wonder what you will be doing right now, future self, in your spiritual life...

Follow the two laws and there's no way anything can go wrong. The second one is the semi-popular one: love your neighbor as yourself.

toodles, (future) reader =)